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Fort Collins
My name is Moses. And i'm the Co-Founder/CEO of Foundation Inc. We are not hiring right now but if you need any help with what so ever, send me a message. And i would try to help but if i can't i will try to hook you up with someone that can. And please send us your feedback about the product.
Work History: I worked for my Biological Father for his Insurance agency doing various odd work, and also worked for his newspaper. From May 2017 to March 2018, I worked at Torchy's Tacos as a Dishwasher. From 2018 to now, I worked at Foundation. And my club history at Rocky I did various clubs like the SciFi club with my bros, it was super fun we just watched a bunch of movies that my brother Gavin brought. And i joined as a early member of the computer programming club at Rocky, and then i also was part of the Computer and Technology Student Association. I co-founder a financial literacy club with some of my bros which was pretty dupe and i brought in the speakers from wide area of places.
I went to Webber Middle School from 2011 to 2013, and then Rocky Mountain High School from 2013 to 2017 and then CSU-Fort Collins from 2017 to 2019
Cold Emailing, Basic Design, Basic Engineering, Continuous Learning, Exploring placeses, perseverance, solving problems,
Making being part of the human species worth living for with a purpose,Giving people the capacity to live the lives that they want to live with a purpose, Sustainable food consumption and production, Computer Programming, Community especially the Foundation Community, Product, Business, Design, Exploring things like buildings, cities, and pretty much anything else, learning, building things, sustainable energy,transaction based economy, my happiness,my family and platforms.
Struggle with Writing, Bad communication skills, Reading people, Social skills, Talk to much some times, I get distracted easily, and struggle with saying no.

I need to improve my level of discipline, I need to improve the front end languages that I know specially Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Public Speaking, Social Skills, etc

Foundation was initial a project because i was not sure if i was not sure if people where actually going to pay us. That was pretty fun.