General questions

Yes. Everyone that wants to be a part of our community needs to sign up. We are a community and to build trust it is helpful for other community members to know who you are and when you sign up you can then have access to the overall community and our job board. We want to make sure that everyone is who they say they are. And it doesn’t mean that there won’t be bots but it defineitly means that there will be less bots and also we want to make usre that everyone in our community is safe.
  • Employers: Foundation is for employers that are looking to hire High Schoolers, individuels with only a High School Diploma or jobs that only require one or less. And it is also for employers that are trying to build a talent pipeline and that is trying to build it’s employer brand with this demopgraphic. And lastly Foundation is for employers that want results
  • Job-Seekers: Foundation is for High Schoolers and Individuels with only a High School Diploma that are looking for a jobs, internships, mentorships, job-shadowings, apprenticeships, or general advice. And lastly just like the employers, Foundation is for Job-Seekers that are looking for results.
  • Mentors: Foundation is for mentors that are willing to help High Schoolers, and individuels with only a High Diploma get jobs, internships, and general advice by sharing their knowledge and network with our community
Foundation is a online job marketplace. Which means that the main purpose of the site is to help our community members make quality transactions with each other. So you just have to sign up, fill out your in depth profile and then you can message members of our community, which includes Job-Seekers, employers, and mentors. And then we also have a job board that you can use to apply for jobs.

A transaction is when an employer and job seeker or a job-seeker and a mentor decide to work together. And it becomes a Quality Transaction when the partnership succeeds because it becomes a win-win for ever party involved. And then reason why we are not defining what is succesful is that it really depends on the individuals involved.