About Foundation the job site:

Foundation’s mission overall as a company is to give people the capacity to live the lives that they want to live with a purpose. Which plays into why we started with this job site, which its mission is to help employers find quality candidates and where job-seekers find jobs, internship, mentorship, job-shadowing, general advice, etc. This site is designed  for high schoolers, individuals with only a high school degree, and jobs that only require a high school degree. Your age doesn’t matter, as long as you are 13 years and older. 

The goal of the site is to help you make transactions, and by transaction we mean help you and an Employer or Mentor or Mentee to get to an Agreement to work together. This site is not for networking! We can’t stress that enough. At least not the common definition of the word networking. If you want to network, and I’m talking about the common definition of the term. Go to LinkedIn! Great site by the way. What Foundation is for is to help you make Transactions. 

Here’s how it works: Let’s say I want to get an internship, and I will log on to Foundation (or Sign Up if I have not already) to look for a person, hiring manager, or recruiter from a certain company, and since everyone has a profile, you can just message them from the site, and the goal is to have them respond a minimum of 70 percent of the time. And if you can’t find anyone from that company, then the goal is that you can just message the company on Foundation. This means that there is no barrier to entry for you to get ahold of actual people who can help you. This  is huge because, before Foundation, you would have to know somebody before you got a job. And we also have a Job Board where employers can post jobs on. What it comes down to, we are trying to build a community where we help each other out by making transactions with each other.