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When we started Foundation we were not sure if this could be a business or not. So we started it as a project. I believe that it was sometime in 2018 when we started Foundation as a project. But we believed in the mission of giving people the capacity to live the lives that they want to live with a purpose, soo much that we just tried it to see if people would use it or not.

And some people started using it but we had to pretty much recruited all of our current Foundation Community Members.

When I was in High School at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, during my senior year. I was trying to find a Job or Internship. I tried to look up jobs and Internships on sites like Indeed,, and on Google. But I couldn’t find anything. It blew my mind why this was not already online! So I was like there must be something wrong. It really pissed me off that I couldn’t find anything but thankfully one of my teachers at Rocky, Mrs. Domainik knew Mac at the CSU Energy Institute. I got an interview there and then they hired me as a Lab Assitant Intern with the Cumbustion Group with John Mizia in a paid Internship. But it blew my mind why she could find me an Internship but I couldn’t find it online.

I put off my urges to figure this issue out but sometime in 2018, I was wondering why there was not a site that had resources and all the Jobs on there. That was the original idea but the more I did research, the more the Idea became larger and larger. And not just that but it blew my mind why something like this didn’t exist and was not Online.

But the dilemma was that I wasn’t sure if this could be a business or not. But we cared about this soo much that we decided to just make this a project at first and then see if people would use it or not. Initially, people didn’t use it but we obviously were not going to give up. And I really wanted to use this myself.

So we did things that didn’t scale by recruiting all our Community Members. But before that, I had to recruit my Co-Founder Brandon to help me out with the technical side. Who is no longer with the company but things slowly got better.

While Brandon was building the website, I was occupied with the business side and I was busy talking to Employers to see if they would be interested in using this but more importantly to see if there was a problem here or not.

And there was a problem. The problem was the regular Job Boards were not effective because they were super expensive and employers were not getting enough quality candidates. Job Boards are good with quantity but not quality. This pretty much meant that Employers and Job-Seekers were not having quality transactions. I came to the realization that Job Boards have not evolved. And that they are not really effective. Indeed is the most effective with about 65 percent of all hires. Imagine that!

And the other main problem was that there is a barrier to entry for both Job-Seekers and Employers to find each other. For Job-Seekers, it is that they have to know someone to get a Job. And for Employers, it is that Job-Boards are too expensive for the value that they get and they don’t have the proper tools to find and attract Quality Candidates.

Which pretty much means that the majority of the transaction that happens, happens offline. That is the problem we are trying to solve. We are trying to get all the offline transactions online and then build the tools that are necessary for Employers and Job-Seekers to make Quality Transactions with each other.

But the overall mission of the company is to give people the capacity to live the lives that they want to live with a purpose, by building platforms and tools to help people do that. That is what we are trying to do. That is why we exist.

And as soon as we figured out that there was problem here, we decided to start Foundation.

Foundation is a marketplace where employers can find Quality Candidates and where Job-Seekers can find Jobs, Internships, Job-Shadowing, Mentorship, Apprenticeships, and General Advice. This site is mainly for High Schoolers, Individuals with only a High School Diploma, Employers that higher Job-Seekers that only have a High School diploma or Jobs that don’t require one. The goal of the site is to help our Community Members make transactions with each other. If you want to know more click this.


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